About Us


KMG Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd is a part of Star Industrial Holding; an international holding company specialized in ceramic field (tiles, sanitary-ware and fine porcelain tableware) with 14 existing projects to date valued at US$330 million in India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

The association of three eminent personalities of the ceramic industry combined with their expert knowledge, experience and world class technology, KMG is set to offer innovative, designer and value for money product to the customers.

KMG ceramic product portfolio comprises HD Digital Ceramic wall & floor, HD Digital Porcelain Floor Tiles, HD Digital Vitrified wall & floor and GVT wooden strips, available in myriad colours, finishes and sizes, which offer multiple options to design commercial & home interiors.

KMG Ceramics eyeing to climb world rankings of ceramic tiles, sanitary-ware and fine porcelain manufacturers in the time ahead.

Our Team

Dr. Khater Massaad
Dr. Khater Massaad: Chairman - KMG India

KMG Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd. is headed by Dr. Khater Massaad as Chairman. Currently, Dr. Massaad is leading Star Industrial Holding; an international holding company specialized in Ceramic industry with 14 existing projects to date valued at US $330 million in India. Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Ethopia. He is a Swiss National with a PhD in geophysics and an M.Sc. in Mathematics.

As previous Chief Executive Officer of RAK Ceramics UAE, Dr. Massaad was the driving force of what is now known as one of the largest ceramic manufacturing organisations in the world, all achieved within a short span of 20 years from inception.

He also held various positions in RAK ventures across industrial, hospitality and Real Estate projects, In 2007, Dr. Massaad won the prestigious "FDI Personality of the year" award from Financial Times.

Mr. Sudhir Malesha
Mr. Sudhir Malesha: Managing Director - KMG India

Mr. Sudhir Malesha is the Managing Director of KMG Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd., a ceramic company located near Himmatnagar in Gujarat, India with state of the art technology supplied by Sacmi, Italy.

Mr. Sudhir Malesha has over 30 years of experience in the Ceramic Industry. He was co-promoter of RAK Ceramics in India and has worked as its Chief Executive Officer since 2006, steering the company's revenue from zero to approximately Rs.800 Cr. in the shortest ever period of 8 years despite prevailing recessionary trends.

Mr. Malesha values human quality first and believes that relationship and trustworthiness plays a very important role in business to lead to mutual rewards. Relations, Quality, Service and Value for Money are four pillars of his business ethics, with a long term vision is to satisfy the customers' demands of the best quality of products & consistency.

Mr. A. Jayajumar
Mr. A. Jayajumar: CTO - KMG India

Mr. Jayakumar is a board member and the Chief Technical Officer of KMG Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd., as well as CTO on a number of other tile manufacturing projects, including AI Forsan Global Industrial Complex, Saudi Arabia; C.D.K. Integrated Industries, Nigeria; Star Ceramics Ltd, Bangladesh and Medtech Ceramics, Ethiopia

Mr. Jayakumar war Chief Operating Officer of the Tiles division of RAK Ceramics UAE, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has extensive technical skills to achieve the highest productivity & effectiveness, dynamic slip & formation recipe, and continuous cost savings through implementation of the latest innovations.

He was responsible for producing the largest slab in the world (185 × 125 × 2.0 cm), Introduced slim tiles (4.5 mm thickness) and pioneered the latest products with Soluble Salt Printing, Double Charge with dry Glaze, Roll Feed Twin Press Techno-slate. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ceramic Engineering from Indian Institute of Ceramics, Calcutta, a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Ceramic Technology. He is also a member of the Indian Institute of Ceramics (M.I.I. Cer) C/o Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Calcutta.