Double Charge Nano
Vitrified Floor

Double Charge Nano Vitrified Floor

KMG product basket also comprises of Double Charge and Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles products to cater residential and projects requirements.

Double Charge products are available in 800 x 800 & 600 x 600 mm Size with stain-free nano finish. Using the technology where in layered multi-colour powders are put together to obtain the random veins & patterns like natural marble or granite. Double Charge Tiles are characterize by having better breaking strength, hardness and resistant to abrasion thus makes it suitable for commercial areas.

Soluble Salt products are available in size of 600 x 600 mm with stain-free nano finish. With the usage of latest Nano Technology which seals off the micro pores holes on the surface, resulting in stain free surface and long lasting gloss.

Double Charge Nano Vitrified Floor